List of Resources for those Coping with Drug Addiction Issues in Your Family

Drug addiction and substance abuse, in general, are both serious issues which are definitely not a laughing matter.  If you’re loved one is suffering from a drug or alcohol addiction, the turmoil that it can cause in your family can be overwhelming.  Consider joining a support group such as Al-anon.  If you’re just looking for information to help you cope with the situation, here’s a list supplied by experts in the field of addiction:

One important aspect of behavior modification is associated a certain behavior (drug abuse) with the resultant consequences (legal, financial, health etc).  Here’s some further information pertaining to the health consequences of various substances of abuse.


  1. Harm Reduction – A Safer Way to Do Drugs?
  2. Bath Salts – What Are the Dangers of Bath Salt Abuse?
  3. Cocaine – Lesser Known Side Effects of Cocaine
  4. OTC Drug Abuse – Top 10 Over-the-Counter Drugs Abused by Teens
  5. Ecstasy – The Hidden Risks Risks of Ecstasy
  6. Alcohol – The Health Consequences of Drinking Alcohol & How Alcohol Affects Your Brain
  7. Rehab – 10 Reasons Addicts Fear Rehab & The Kindling Effect of Addiction
  8. Addiction – The Toll of Addiction & 4 Tips for Quitting any Addiction
  9. Workplace – How Prevalent Is Drug Use in the Workplace?
  10. Top 10 Signs of Drug Addiction