Does Botox® Work for Excessive Sweating?

Everyone sweats, it’s a part of life. In fact, sweating is healthy. It is however not something that humans like to do! Sweating is good after a workout, so we can feel the burn, but if you find yourself soaking your office clothes and needing to change whilst at work, or not being able to withdraw your hand for a business meet and greet without having a wet handshake, then it is an issue. It’s embarrassing and well, you will need to sort it out some way or another.

Hyperhidrosis Can Be Treated With Botox Edmonton

The good news is that excessive sweating can be sorted out by having Botox injections in Edmonton. The technical term for excessive sweating is Hyperhidrosis (HH). Around one million Canadians suffer from the condition and it affects life as we know it, clothing changes, wash loads, work, relationships and well confidence levels in general. The good news is that you can now get Botox infections in Edmonton for Hyperhidrosis and start to take control of the condition, allowing your confidence levels to peak!Each human being has something in the region of between 2 and 4 million glands for sweat. They are situated on just about every inch of the human body. The body sweats in order to ensure that the human temperature can be maintained at around 37 degrees C. When we get too cold, or hot, human sweat glands are set off, and expel moisture that then cools us down by evaporating.

If you are an excessive sweater the body’s thermostat goes crazy in a bad manner. Hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) means that the body sweats more than necessary to maintain a good body temperature, and this can be up to 8 times more than your average human. Sweating also can be painfully smelly, and particularly if you are a lover of spicy foods and foods that have strong odors, you will find yourself not only sweating but smelling as well. Sadly, it’s not your fault if you have hyperhidrosis, and excessive sweating that comes with the condition is unavoidable. You can, however, treat this condition by turning to Botox Edmonton and starting to put a halt in the step of the sweat glands that have been plaguing your every move in day to day life.

Why Does Excessive Sweating Happen In Primary Hyperhidrosis?

Little is known about primary hyperhidrosis, those that have studied the topic in detail believe that it happens as a result of genetics. The nervous system doesn’t work as it’s supposed to and when it malfunctions, the sweat glands are overworked. It usually happens in the feet, face, hands, armpits, groin, and head. Stress and feeling anxious can make the condition worse. It is potluck and well if you happen to have the condition, it’s really not your fault.
What Triggers Secondary Hyperhidrosis?

Secondary hyperhidrosis happens on the entire body and is not limited to particular areas. It tends to happen in the night time and this can be caused by a number of things (listed below)

• Being overweight
• Damage to the nerves
• Infections
• Drug and medication use
• The menopause
• Endocrine disorders

How To Solve Hyperhidrosis With Botox Edmonton

First up you need to be diagnosed with the condition and a dermatologist will be the one to break the news to you! Once you have been diagnosed then you can seek Botox injections in Edmonton as a means of keeping the sweat at bay.
If you have secondary Hyperhidrosis then the doctors need to know the root cause in order to address this.
If you have primary focal hyperhidrosis then the likely hood is that you will have been prescribed by your dermatologist topical treatments and deodorants. Whilst the over the counter medicines are able to help, Botox for excessive sweating in Edmonton can help a lot more. Whilst, not a permanent solution, it is a semi-permanent treatment that can help significantly with keeping excessive sweating at bay.

When Was Botox Edmonton Approved For The Treatment Of Hyperhidrosis?

Botox was approved as an effective treatment plan for those with hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) back in 2004. It works by temporarily blocking the chemical that causes sweating. It has since been used as an ongoing mode of treatment for sufferers of the condition. Once Botox it’s injected into the areas you sweat from, the body can’t sweat in the spot it was injected into. The body is able to still regulate a normal temperature as a few sweat glands that have been blocked in certain areas won’t impact the rest of the bodies sweat glands.

What Results Be Expected For Botox Edmonton Hyperhidrosis Treatment?

The treatment and results are amazing. You can start to see changes in around a week, and the procedure can last up to one year! Your problem with sweating will calm down, and well life as you once knew it will be a whole new book. You won’t have to change clothes as much, and you certainly can look forward to a brighter future and an outlook of not feeling subconscious about excessive sweating in public places all the time.

Will Botox For Excessive Sweating Hurt?

Another great thing is that the procedure won’t hurt. It’s performed with a very fine needle with the Botox that’s injected sitting just below the skins surface. Because the needle doesn’t go deep into the skin, pain is minimal and you won’t be left squealing!

What Are The Results?

It has been proven that 85% of people that have Botox injections for hyperhidrosis notice that sweating on their underarms decreases. Not just the underarms, other sites of the body too. As a result, it helps sufferers to gain back some control over their lives and start to gain confidence again. So, if you are suffering from Hyperhidrosis and want to overcome the sweaty feeling then it’s time to get in touch with us and book your appointment for Botox in Edmonton now. (click here).


Botox® Rival Not Yet Approved by FDA

For many of us as we age, one of the first questions is whether or not to get Botox. However, given the growing popularity of these cosmetic treatments, many more of us are starting to embark down the road of wrinkle treatment and prevention.

Botox Treatment

Treatment areas for Botox are primarily comprised of the upper third of the face though there are some treatments for the lower third as well. Most clients that seek treatment will present to cosmetic clinics with concerns about frown lines, crow’s feet, and forehead wrinkles. Some women, especially, are worried about smoker’s lines or barcode lines as they are often referred to. For the lower third of the face, issues such as the mouth frown or Nefertiti lift are popular.

Allergan, the maker of Botox® is the current leader in this market segment. Yet, there’s a number of competitors on the market. In Canada, the largest rival to Botox® is a similar product called Dysport® from Galderma. As well, Merz has a competing product called Xeomin–all three of which are comprised onabotulinum toxin type a. These treatments work by blocking presynaptic acetylcholine receptors to prevent the contraction of muscles for several weeks.

adult beard black and white blur

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New Botox Rival – Evolus Inc

In the United States, there’s a new player looking to get on the market that’s developed by Revance Therapeutics (RVNC.O) and Mylan NV (MYL.O) to develop a biosimilar to Botox.

“(Reuters) – U.S. health regulators on Wednesday declined to approve Evolus Inc’s (EOLS.O) rival product to Allergan Plc’s (AGN.N) Botox, citing deficiencies related to the chemistry and manufacturing of its potential treatment for frown lines, sending its shares down as much as 35 percent.” (source).


For more information, (clicke here, here, or here.



40 High PageRank Health Sites that Accept Guest Blog Posts – 2013

Guest blogging is a popular way of promoting new as well as websites that are already popular.  If you’re looking for the search engine optimization benefits of promoting your website with guest posting, here’s our updated list for 2013 of websites that accept blog posts.

Before you get started, you’ll want to make sure that you’re up-to-date on the latest policies of Google (Panda / Penguin updates).


25 Health Blogs that Accept Guest Posts:

  1. Hive Health Media (PR 4):
  2. She Knows (PR 6):
  3. Supplement Updates (PR 4):
  4. EHealth and Wellness tips (PR 0):
  5. Mercola (PR 5):
  6. Natural News (PR 6):
  7. Weight Loss Points (PR 3):
  8. Health on a Budget (PR 3):
  9. Mayanz (PR 1):
  10. Kevin MD (PR 7):
  11. Health Votes (PR 2):
  12. Health Resource 4 U (PR 3):
  13. Eat Breathe Blog (PR 4):
  14. (PR 7):
  15. Fit Blogging (PR 4):
  16. MizFit (PR 5):
  17. Health on a Budget (PR 4):
  18. Natural Health Web (PR 4):
  19. Organic Jar (PR 3):
  20. Weight Loss Points (PR 3):
  21. The Health Mom Magazine (PR 3):
  22. Weight Loss Triumph (PR 3):
  23. Coach Calorie (PR 3):
  24. Revitalise Your Health (PR 3):
  25. EPatients (PR 5):

10 Blogs about Blogging:

  1. Famous Bloggers (PR 4):
  2. Blogger’s Passion (PR 3):
  3. Blog Godown (PR 4):
  4. Shout Me Loud (PR 4):
  5. Blogging Tips (PR 2):
  6. Blogsolute (PR 4):
  7. John Chow (PR 5):
  8. Quick Online Tips (PR 5):
  9. Mashable (PR 8):
  10. ReveNews (PR 5):

5 Food Blogs that Allow Guest Posting:

  1. Sweet Foods: (PR 3):
  2. The Disney Food Blog (PR 3):
  3. Food Sense (PR 5):
  4. Scottish Mum (PR 3):
  5. Life Optimizer (PR 5):

What’s Trending at Health Habits???

Health Habits is a very popular web resource with hundreds of free training workouts and other great weight loss tips.  The author’s particular interest include the paleo or paleolithic diet, Tabata Training, and HIIT Workouts (high-intensity interval training).

In this 3-part series about trending topics at Hive Health Media’s web properties, let’s start off by looking at part 1, then part 2.


Trending Topics at for June 2013


We encourage you to leave your feedback on these trending topics!

Now Trending at Supplement Updates – June 2013

In our previous post, we took a look at some of the trending topics at Hive Health Media for the month of July.  We can see that from that list, 10 different authors all made our top 10 list–with the site’s founders just squeaking onto the list in the 8th and 10th spots.

Over at Supplement Updates, we let’s take a look to get some insight into which topics have been the most popular for the month of June.  Of note, this is a website that primarily focuses on dietary supplements, vitamins, and other nutritional products.


Here’s the list:

Top 10 Trending Topics at Supplement Updates




Now Trending at Hive Health Media: June 2013

For those who’ve been reading our blogs over the past few years, you already know that you can find us at our main site–or at Health Habits and Supplement Updates.  You can find links for both of these sites in the sidebar on this page.

Let’s take a look at some of the top 10 trending topics this past month at our three web properties.  For this first post, we’ll focus on some of the trending content at Hive Health Media’s main site.

While it’s a site that accept guest posts, you’ll see nearly every post in the top 10 is from a different author.  In fact, two of the site’s owners only slotted in at 8 and 10th most popular.


Hive Health Media – Trending


List of Resources for those Coping with Drug Addiction Issues in Your Family

Drug addiction and substance abuse, in general, are both serious issues which are definitely not a laughing matter.  If you’re loved one is suffering from a drug or alcohol addiction, the turmoil that it can cause in your family can be overwhelming.  Consider joining a support group such as Al-anon.  If you’re just looking for information to help you cope with the situation, here’s a list supplied by experts in the field of addiction:

One important aspect of behavior modification is associated a certain behavior (drug abuse) with the resultant consequences (legal, financial, health etc).  Here’s some further information pertaining to the health consequences of various substances of abuse.


  1. Harm Reduction – A Safer Way to Do Drugs?
  2. Bath Salts – What Are the Dangers of Bath Salt Abuse?
  3. Cocaine – Lesser Known Side Effects of Cocaine
  4. OTC Drug Abuse – Top 10 Over-the-Counter Drugs Abused by Teens
  5. Ecstasy – The Hidden Risks Risks of Ecstasy
  6. Alcohol – The Health Consequences of Drinking Alcohol & How Alcohol Affects Your Brain
  7. Rehab – 10 Reasons Addicts Fear Rehab & The Kindling Effect of Addiction
  8. Addiction – The Toll of Addiction & 4 Tips for Quitting any Addiction
  9. Workplace – How Prevalent Is Drug Use in the Workplace?
  10. Top 10 Signs of Drug Addiction